luxury hotel in the trulli


luxury hotel in the trulli


luxury hotel in the trulli

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Entering the Suite de Le Alcove you feel pampered and experience fabulous nights and happy awakenings.
The 9 residences, brought to light by a careful restoration mastered by stone experts, are entirely trullo shaped and represent the perfect balance between history and modernity.
Each dwelling is independent and preserves the name of an ancient profession: the weaver (la tessitrice), the midwife (la levatrice), the knight (il cavaliere), the storyteller (il cantastorie), the dreamer (il sognatore), the poet (il poeta), the farmer (il fattore), the guardian (il guardiano) and the courtesans (le cortigiane).

The Poet

Single deluxe trullo, with double bed.The room and the small entrance flooring is parquet.The bathroom, equipped with...

The Weaver

Trullo suite with solid wood double bed, white Grottaglie ceramic lamps.The striped bedspread is an example of...

The Dreamer

Trullo top suite with double canopy bed and two single beds on a stone mezzanine.The ground floor vault is in stone...

The Storyteller

Trullo suite with double bed wrapped in the sumptuous cone of the Master trullo.The bathroom with the fashion tub,...

The Midwife

Trullo mini suite with vaulted ceiling, wrought iron entrance space and double bed.The whitewashed...

The Knight

Trullo suite with double bed and three single beds. Two beds are placed on a wooden mezzanine and one in an alcove;...